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 Sometimes, Stupidity is Painful!

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PostSubject: Sometimes, Stupidity is Painful!   Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:01 pm

Tommy watched Adam as he walked about the studio, it was probably obvious to all that he had a huge crush on him and he didn't care who knew it anymore. Adam bent down and his pants fell a bit giving Tommy a nice view of his crack. He slightly giggled at the feeling his dick got when he saw that.
"Tommy?" Monte asked, "What are you staring at?" Okay, Tommy was fooling himself, he cared a lot for what people had to say about his crush. When he auditioned, he had never had one ounce of a feeling for a man, but then he got to know Adam. Still, he classifies him as straight because it's only one guy and he didn't fall for Adam because of his looks, but that just came along with the deal, he fell for Adam because of the warmness he had and the happiness he brought everyone.
"Me? Nothing." Tommy answered, pulling his eyes away from the evil beauty of Adam's ass.
"It's just me and you, I don't care if you have a crush on Adam, I'm not gonna be mean or anything."
"What the hell man? I'm not gay alright?" Tommy got huffy and puffy, he never usually did though when his so called friends would call him gay or a 'fag' but Adam was different, probably cause he knew it was true.
"Alright, Don't get so angry."
"You're right, I'm sorry. It's just that... never mind, you wouldn't get it." Monte left it alone, he didn't want to make Tommy angry again over something as simple as a school girl crush, it was Adam Lambert, I mean even as happily married as Monte was, he had a bit of a man crush on him.
Later that night, Adam, Tommy, and the band and dancers went on stage for the AMA's. Tommy took a deep breath, "Once you're done with this you can get off stage, take a shower, and go to bed, and all will be better in the morning." he thought to himself. Adam could never love him, not where he was going in life. One day, Adam would be the next Elton John and Tommy would be alone answering phones with a headset just like he was before he met Adam, they would forget all about each other and they would never look back.
While all these thoughts were going through his head, he realized the song was nearly over and Adam was climbing up the steps toward the top where he would belt his final note and it would all be over, finally. Not that he didn't love working for Adam but this crush was going too far, and I mean way too.... Way too...
Adam's lips pressed against his in a hot make out session, his mind when blank and his knees went numb, the only thought in his mind was "Oh my God, Oh my God..."
Adam ripped away and somehow Tommy had gotten back to playing the piano right on key. He kissed him, he really kissed him. This was all amazing, too amazing!
Tommy's thoughts were interrupted by lights flashing signaling the performance was over. He didn't stick around to talk to Adam, no matter how amazing Tommy's heart felt, his brain said no. This was on national television, everyone saw him get man handled by an amazing guy. He was straight, one man didn't make him gay. But no one would understand that because the entire world, even Glamberts, believe if you kiss a guy or girl you automatically like that gender when that isn't the case, at least it shouldn't be in this world anymore.
He ran to his room to hide. If he so much as saw Adam, Tommy might have to faint, over dramatic much? Yes but it was so true.
Tommy flopped on his bed and touched his lips with his fingertips, he felt the softness of his lips, and almost an imprint of Adam's lips on his. He smiled and closed his eyes.
Soon after his little high school girl moment there was a knock on the door, he got himself together and answered.
Of course the beautiful Adam Lambert stood there in all his glitters, but their was a worried expression on his face, "Hi Adam."
"Hi Tommy, listen, I'm sorry I kissed you, I shouldn't have. I know you're straight and everything, but I just couldn't resist, you are so beautiful and stuff and I just," Adam sighed, "I just want to be with you."
Tommy looked at Adam without any expression, his voiced cracked, "Tough..."
"What?" Adam asked, a small tear threating all his composer.
"Tough shit. I'm straight, Adam. I'm sorry but you need to find a cute boy who loves you and you love him and I need to find a girl."
"You're not mad are you? Cause that would suck balls if you're mad. I love you and I want to have you around."
"...No, of course I'm not mad. You can kiss me all you want, but nothing will ever happen between us."
Adam agreed and left, he went to his own room to cry because he really really thought he had a chance with Tommy, but guess not.
Tommy was doing some crying of his own, why did he say that? Why was he so stupid? God damn.

Tommy sat in the pew of the church, he was never much of a churchy person, but for Adam he could make the exception.
"That could be you." he thought to himself as Adam and Noah told each other "I do!"
"How could I have been so stupid those years ago? He loved me and I loved him. But I had to keep up my damn straight image. I bet he doesn't know how often you think about him, and I bet he doesn't know you masturbate to him, and I bet if he did he wouldn't give a damn, because Noah is so much more beautiful then you are." When the wedding was over others went to the reception but Tommy walked home. He balanced himself on the rail of the railroad and thought of the days when he first fell in love, they slowly faded into the days when he lost all chances. Tommy made it to his house and fell to the grass, "I love him!" He shouted to whoever listened, which was only the local birds that flew away.
Adam got to his reception and cut the cake and laughed and had a great time, but it could have been better, he just didn't know how. He looked at Noah and saw him smile but it didn't make his heart flutter like all the other times he saw it.
"Hey Adam, do you know where Tommy went?" Monte asked.
Adam heard that name, he answered Monte with a no but he had a pretty good idea of where he was. Adam sneaked out of his own wedding party and got a cab to Tommy's house still fully dressed in his glitzy tux. He saw Tommy asleep on the grass.
Adam slowly walked over to him and got down on his knees next to him. He pushed some hair out of his face and smiled, this is what his life was missing, Tommy.
"I'm straight." Tommy had said those words so many times. Adam took a deep breath and stood up, got back in his cab and went back to his wedding and his had a great time.
Tommy woke up and went back in his house and cried some more. He loved him, why did he have to be so stupid?
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Sometimes, Stupidity is Painful!
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