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 You Can Always Come Home (1/?)

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PostSubject: You Can Always Come Home (1/?)   Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:13 am

Title: You Can Always Come Home

Author: revolucj2006

Author E-mail: revolucj2006@yahoo.com

Author Website: www.facebook.com.revolucj2006 and www.twitter.com/kradam4ever2006

Pairing: Adam/Kris Kris/Katy, may change as time goes along, IDK

Rating: For now PG-13

Summary: This story was inspired by the song "You Can Always Come Home" by Jason Castro f/ Serena Ryder from his Love Uncompromised EP

Author's Note: All mistakes are mine. This is my first ever fan fiction that I've written so bear with me!

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone or anything in this story. I know some sexual orientations and personalities and such may be very different from real life. That's why it's fiction people!

Feedback: Comments are love. I love comments. Please give me feedback as this is my first ever fan fiction! If you like it I will continue it!


It was Thursday and Kris was back at Fox Studios to perform on the American Idol stage for elimination night! His head was swiriling with memories of the last time he was here, he thought, "Man, the last time I stood on this stage I was standing next to Adam and I had to sing No Boundaries!" He missed Adam bunches and wished they could see each other more often. Not many people knew about their relationship. That's why Kris brought Katy with him tonight. He knew that if Adam was there they would make some juicy gossip. But really, not even Katy knew about it. He had to get to rehersals and a vibration in his pocket snapped him back from la-la land.

"Hey Babe, I miss you lots. Wish I could be there to see you tonight. But I'll be watching on tv. I've gotta do a lil bit of rehersal for my concert, ya know, busy busy! I love you!Honey, you can always come home!" Read the text from Adam. Adam eneded every text, e-mail or IM conversation with Kris the same way, "Honey, you can always come home."

Kris hated when Adam said that. He wanted to 'come home" but just didn't know when or how! He loved Adam, but was falling out of love with Katy. He really didn't want to break Katy's heart and was still trying to find the perfect way and time to tell her about he and Adam. He knew it had to be sooner rather than later cause his love for Adam grew with each passing day.

"You ready to rehearse buddy? Come one, we gotta get moving," came a voice from behind Kris. Snapping his head around he saw Cale standing there waiting on him. Kris knew he had to get moving onto rehersal. He didn't want tonight's performance to sound like shit, it was for a great cause.

Kris and Cale spent a few hours rehearsing and hanging out with the Idol peeps. It was great to be back in this element for a while. Kris enjoyed being here without all the presure of performing and the worry of being voted off. He just kept wishing that Adam was with him like the last time he was here. But since it was only mere hours till show time, Kris went back to the hotel with Cale to get ready. He was looking forward to tonight's performance.

Back at the hotel Katy was waiting for Kris. "Hey Baby, how was rehearsal?," Katy asked leaning in to give Kris and hug and kiss. "It was good. It was nice to see everyone again, ya know?" Kris smiled looking at Katy. She was very beautiful tonight.

"Darling, estavas linda até demais," Kris told Katy. She was very flattered and told him that she loved it when he spoke sexy to her like that. She loved everything about her husband. Lately, however, it seemed as though something was different about her Krisifer. She couldn't put a hand on it but something was different. She hoped that this different was good and not bad. She put all her worry in the back of her mind cause she was so excited to see Kris perform on Idol tonight.


It was finally performance time. Kris, Katy, and Cale loaded up in their limo and left the hotel. They arrived at the studio just in the nick of time. There limo driver diecided to take a short cut to avoid traffic and almost made them late. Cale was short tempered for some reason and let loose on the driver, "What in the hell was that for? You almost made us late, you ass!" " Hey Cale, calm down man, we made it! It's cool, let's go!," Kris said trying to calm Cale and get him moving along.

Kris and Cale were waiting backstage. They had about 15 minutes till it was time for them to go on stage. They were talking when a vibration in his pocket caused Kris to stop, startled.

"Hey baby, wanna meet up after the show tonight? We can go eat. Just the two of us? Please? I miss you. Honey, you can always come home." Kris knew he had to respond to that message.

"Hey you! I can't, what about Katy? You know she's with me. Love you though, miss you too. I'll see what I can do."

It was almost time to step on stage when Kris felt the vibrating again. "Whateve! Do what you two want, I see how it is. Whateve! Honey, you can always come home." Kris didn't like making Adam mad but he knew he had. His head was trying to wrap around all this when the stage manager rushed him on stage.

He stood, waiting to start, all the while Adam's last text was still on his mind. He had to do something about it but didn't know what to do. He figured, I'll just sing and maybe he'll calm down between now and then. Just sing, focus on the song, focus on Help for Haiti. Don't think about Adam or his text.

The song started and Kris began to sing, "When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me......."

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You Can Always Come Home (1/?)
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