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 Winner At A Losing Game

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PostSubject: Winner At A Losing Game   Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:32 pm

Aaron Kelly watched from his locker as he watched the girl he had been crushing on for the past year Shelly walked into the arms of the guy she had been dating for the past 3 months.

Closing the door to his locker he headed towards the school parking all he wanted to do was get home and relax in his room after the day he had just experienced.

As he started his car he sighed when the song reminding him of Shelly came onto the radio, this day just kept getting worse for him. driving home every song that came on the radio reminded him of her.

A year ago he and Shelly had tried to have a relationship but it lasted only a few weeks when she began to realize she didn't care for him like he cared for her, she broke his heart via text message that was still saved into his phone.

Aaron walked through the front door knowing he would be alone for a few hours before either one of his aunt or uncle would be home.

On his dresser when he walked into his room he spotted the article saying American Idol Auditions were coming up in Orlando Florida, he had saw it over the computer and had printed it off.

Picking it up he looked over it sighing as he set down on his bed, he had already went over this with his Aunt and Uncle and they told him to Audition and not let the chance pass him by.

"It would get me out of school away from seeing Shelly." Aaron said to himself as he lay back on his bed and closed his eyes.

He had fallen asleep and would not have woken til the next day if his Aunt had not come into his room and woke him for dinner.

"I think i am going to Audition." Aaron said over dinner.

"That what you want?" his uncle looked up from his plate.

"Yeah, i think so." Aaron played with his food "for several reasons"

"Those reasons being?" his Aunt wanted to know

"Well, i am tired of having this voice and not going anywhere with it." Aaron said "that is pretty much it." he didn't want them knowing about Shelly.

"Auditions are this weekend so we will head out Friday when you get out f school." his uncle told him.

Aaron finished what he could eat of his dinner then he locked himself in his room for the night, he placed his ipod into his ears and began to work on homework assignments for that next day.
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Winner At A Losing Game
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